About Us!

The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast started as a dream between Mandy Capehart and Heather Converse, two friends from the Rogue Valley, Oregon with big hearts for growth! They’ve built a relationship on intentional questions that demand deep reflection. So they decided to launch our talks into a storytelling podcast, featuring humans from all corners who exhibit grit, moxie, and grace through every uncomfortable circumstance they encounter. 

It is their hope that listeners will feel emboldened and courageous to face hard circumstances with confidence, rather than turning away from uncomfortable situations! Don’t give up when things get tough! Be brave and press into new things!

Meet the Team
Mandy Capehart
Mandy IS A GRIEF & ENNEAGRAM EDUCATOR WHO listens to podcasts while handling the more mundane of life’s tasks, such as showering, gardening, and parenting. It is likely that she will be drinking a good Burgundy or German Riesling while recording. She is so grateful to have never eaten durian fruit but would still like to visit Thailand. Her sister also hosts a podcast, although it is way nerdier than this one. If things get awkward, just roll your eyes and move on to the next topic. Send birthday gifts in April and half-birthday gifts in October.
Heather Converse
Heather is a magical unicorn mom of four who somehow finds time to sit by the pool. Since she is a certified life coach, listening to her on the podcast is a great way to get some free advice. Heather’s high affinity for silly things is why she has the patience to work with the other two, who are effortlessly distracted. This is not a woman easily  discouraged, so don’t even bother trying. She asks questions deeper than Crater Lake and knows that even when you’re frustrated, you will push through to growth. So no; that was not a rhetorical question.
Kaylene Brown
When SHE’S NOT RESOURCING FOR ALL THE HUMANS AT THE LOCAL PRIVATE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL, Kaylene takes hitting things to a new level as a drummer at her local church. She is an avid adventurer who has not yet provided any detail for a personal bio. It is likely that she never will. She will be thankful we just wrote whatever we wanted. MOST OF THIS IS TRUE. You should really see her sweet new motorcycle but don’t bother asking to “take it for a lil’ spin.” Kaylene did not graduate from Stanford. Nor did she attend.