Grace in Conflict, Part Two

Welcome back for part two of our wonderful conversation with Jessica Murrey! Be sure to listen to part one before diving in – we will be back with Episode 6 on February 8th.

Jessica is a peacebuilder and Common Ground activist with Search for Common Ground, an international peacebuilding organization devoted to ending violent conflict. She is the co-CEO of Wicked Saints Studios and is currently creating a role-player game for teenagers to practice healthy conflict. After a long career traveling the world, working as a peacebuilder, a writer, and for the Senate Majority Leader in DC, she is back in her hometown of Southern Oregon.

Listen as Jessica shares of the practical tools for experiencing grace in conflicts, why conflicts are necessary, and how to emerge from conflict stronger and more connected to the “other side” than ever. Failure is not the end; conflict is only the beginning of growth.

Heather Converse is a certified life coach and owner of Tree of Life Consulting. Mandy Capehart is a writer and grief coach, currently working through her first manuscript. Both love difficult conversations, leaning into tension, and producing the kind of uncomfortable atmosphere that unearths beauty and champions growth. We’re so glad you’re here!

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