Grace in Growth

Ryan Rhoden is a Rogue Valley native, a father and avid fly fisherman. He currently co-leads Living Waters Rogue Valley with his wife, Kate. He is wildly comfortable on a stage, which is why his decision to step out of teaching to write a 90-day devotional really stretched his boundaries in the best of ways. Come listen as he works through the process out loud and encourages us to branch away from our safe spaces. Note: This was recorded in March 2020 – the book is no longer available as a hard copy, but as a FREE online course. See link below!

Heather Converse is a certified life coach and owner of Tree of Life Consulting. Mandy Capehart is a writer and grief coach, currently working through her first manuscript. Both love difficult conversations, leaning into tension, and producing the kind of uncomfortable atmosphere that unearths beauty and champions growth. We’re so glad you’re here!

Still, Life by Ryan Rhoden –


The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast is mixed & produced by Kaylene Brown.

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