Grace & Healing with J.S. Park

CW: Conversation includes references to hospital life as a chaplain during the Covid pandemic. Please use discretion.

How do you lead others through loss when your own life needs healing, too? J.S. Park is a Korean-American author and chaplain located in Florida. His story is complex, nuanced, and honest – embracing the chaos of hospital pandemic life, fatherhood, anti-Asian rhetoric, and more. Listen in as he vulnerably describes the intention and compassion required to navigate life at the center of so many busy intersections.

You can find J.S. active and excited to meet you on Twitter: @JSParkBlog

Resources mentioned:
The Voices We Carry by J.S. Park
Study: The Association of #Covid19 & Anti-Asian Sentiments on Twitter
Trump, the Coronavirus Pandemic, Asian American Xenophobia, and Humanistic Psychology

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