The Irony of Discomfort


It’s Kaylene!

Oh, dear friends. It’s almost time for the release of episode 4, featuring our insightful and hilarious producer Kaylene Brown. As an self-described “extreme introvert,” we were so honored to host a story from her in the first place.

We recorded this episode together nearly a year ago, as with the three previously released episodes. It would be safe to say that we’ve improved as interviewers in the last year, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to say just that!

Listening back to the first four episodes of this podcast a year after recording has been equal parts encouraging and humbling. Recently, I reached out to our dear Kaylene for some personal feedback. Hearing your own voice and methods on the airwaves will trigger insecurities you thought you’d outgrown, and such was the case yet again.

“I think you’re just being really critical of yourself.”

Y’all. Find yourself a Kaylene. If you do not have someone in your storyline willing to point out the dramatic, unkind thoughts you host about yourself from time to time… well. You’re missing out.

Kaylene’s story (brief though it may be) is RICH with the same willingness to offer grace in her own life as well as to mine. Learning to listen and value the voice of others can be the lifeline you need when intrusive thoughts would rather shut you down.

While I could complain about the discomfort of publishing work I’m less than thrilled about, I can also recognize the beauty of allowing my work to exist, regardless of any perceived lack. Because WE are humans, and we exist, regardless of any perceived lack. Our lack is exactly why the grace of God is so beautiful, inviting, and necessary in our story.

The podcast will never be perfect, because it was never meant to be perfect. It was meant to be uncomfortable.

May we each find a new level of grace in the ironic celebrations of discomfort.

Enjoy the new episode,